Wedding Videography Services

Wedding Videography is fast becoming a must have for many Brides, it is the only way to truly capture every element of their special day; sights, sounds, laughter, tears, music, movement. A great Wedding Film really can bring back those happy memories for years to come.

Our intentions as a film crew attending your wedding day celebrations is to be as unobtrusive as possible. We understand the importance of allowing your day to unfold as you planned it without any interruption from a Wedding Videographer. We act professionally at all times, setting up in plenty of time to capture each part of the day and to quietly film the event as it happens and working with the Wedding Photographer to ensure we capture all your special moments during the day.

Here is some more information on the items that make up our Wedding Videography Collections and services we offer.

The 8, 11 or 16 hours of coverage (filming) is continuous and begins with the Bridal Prep. (or Groom Prep.). Our set-up and break-down times are NOT included within this time, we arrive early to set-up and our equipment breakdown takes place after your booked time has ended.
1/2/3 Videographer(s)
This is the number of skilled videographers* in attendance at your Wedding or Event and they will be filming using a minimum of 2 High Definition Cameras. Your wedding film will be fully edited and exported in High Definition 1920 x 1080p resolution ready for upload to your online portal. *Depending on availability/bookings an assistant may also be in attendance.
15/30/60 Main Feature
Your Wedding Film’s Main Feature will be up to 15, 30 or 60 minutes in length depending on the package selected. It is a compilation of the best bits captured throughout the day. The footage is edited to selected music tracks and audio captured during the Ceremony and Speeches to create a wonderful story of your event.
Bonus Features
The 'Bonus Features' that are uploaded as part of your Wedding Film Collection may include 'The Full Ceremony', 'The Full Speeches', a 'First Dance' sequence, Fireworks or other evening performance entertainment. Watch the uninterrupted ceremony from start to finish and watch the hilarious and/or emotional speeches all over again in their entirety as well as your guests and entertainers having great fun during the evening.
Online HD Digital Delivery
Your completed Wedding Film Collection is delivered to you online. You have your very own, password protected, web portal where you can watch your High Definition Wedding Film as many times as you want, where ever you have an internet connection. This can be on your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Smart TV or DVD/Blue-ray Player and you can download it to watch offline too. You can also share it with your family & friends as many times as you wish where ever in the world they may be.
Mini-Crane Cam (Optional)
To bring extra style and elegance to your film our 14ft Mini-Crane can be used to get beautiful sweeping shots and reveal shots of your chosen venue, guests and celebrations.
Slider-Cam (Optional)
The Slider-Cam helps to capture the beauty and interest in all the details you have spent time planning and creating for your wedding day. It helps bring all the elements together, its a wonderful addition for capturing the venue(s) and the wedding breakfast details as well as reveal shots both inside and out.
Drone Cam (Optional/Discretionary)
If the Venue is consenting and permissions are given then, with suitable weather conditions, our 4k Aerial Drone Cam may take flight to capture some fantastic aerial footage that will truly raise the level of the wedding film to new heights (pun intended ;P )
Cinematic Highlights (Optional)
A few weeks after the wedding day a 5 to 7 minute short film of the Wedding is uploaded to your wedding film page. Edited to the audio captured on the day and choosing some of the most emotional and fun moments, your Cinematic Highlights Film is a great way to remind your family & friends what a wonderful wedding it was.

If you’re looking for a company that will capture all the important moments of your Wedding without any hassle or worries then take a look at our packages to see what we have to offer and how we can create a fantastic wedding video for you and your family to cherish for many years to come.